Re-examine books

Year: 2018
Duration: 4 weeks

Words are in letters,
Letters are on pages,
pages are in books.
This project examines the relation between text-only books and the reading experience. 

The project first explores and showcases the psychology behind printed texts through research on text legibility, visual accuracy, reading speed, and the use of eye movement. The results of this inquiry are explored in a prototype of an “ideal” text-only book design that offers the best reading experience with functionality and feasibility in mind.

The second part builds on this research and proposes ideas of non-traditional ways to improve the reading experience through interaction and the utilization of eye movement to eliminate fatigue.

The third part breaks away from the traditions, orders, and norms that we take for granted in a book, for instance, the form of the book itself. It encourages the audience to step out of these rules and reassess their expectations of the world.